Membership Levels

The Reiki Association WA offers three levels of membership:

Level 1 – Private:
With Private Membership, you can benefit from the Reiki Community without meeting the more stringent requirements of Public or Professional practitioners. Applicants must be initiated into Reiki in person by a Reiki Master, online training is not accepted and each application will be reviewed by the Membership Officer, who may request more information before processing the application.
Benefits include:

  • Member log in to manage profile, communication and event attendance
  • Reiki Association WA Monthly Newsletter
  • Attend the Monthly Reiki Share
  • Volunteer at Reiki Association WA events*
  • Participate in the Healing Line (Reiki 2 and above)
  • Attend General Meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Teaching/educational sessions after our monthly Reiki Share
Level 2 – Public:
This level offers the recognition of practicing within the Reiki Association WA Standards of Training and includes all of the benefits for Level 1 plus:
  • Inclusion in the Practitioner Referral List
  • Access to Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Opportunities to become an Association Committee Member
  • Participation in our Reiki Healing Line (Reiki 2 and above)
  • Reiki Association WA’s Polo Shirts available to purchase

Level 3 – Professional:
This level expands on the benefits of Levels 1 and 2 by offering exclusive recognition based on our  Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program, additional requirements are; annually completed CPD log, a valid certificate of insurance and acknowledgement that First Aid training has been recommended by the committee. Additional benefits include:

  • Ongoing CPD Opportunities**
  • Inclusion in the Teachers Referral List if applicable***
  • Advertise your Reiki Events in the Newsletter and Facebook page
  • Receive permission to use the Reiki Association logo
*Conditions apply for all practitioners to volunteer at Reiki Association WA Volunteer Events;
All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Induction Program,
Reiki 1 and Level 1 members must complete the Reiki Volunteer Internship as part of their VIP.
**Professional member’s inclusion on any referral list is conditional upon them completing the annual 20 hours of CPD prior to the renewal of their membership.
(Note: Reiki Association WA conducts an annual random audit of Professional Members)
***In the first instance, Teachers are required to submit a copy of the Teaching schedule and class notes for review by the committee prior to their inclusion on the Teachers’ Referral List and annually completed CPD Log.

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