The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program:

    • Seeks to provide CPD activities within an industry framework which aligns it with other Public Sector Health Bodies.
    • Is provided for the continuing professional development of Professional Practitioner members.
  • Encourages and supports an ongoing interest in Reiki practice.

Professional Practitioners are required to complete 20 hours per year including some contact hours. These hours are to be logged on the form below and, once verified by a committee member, submitted with the annual Membership Renewal.

Continuous Professional Development Log – PDF version

Below is an extensive, but not exhaustive, list of the activities accepted in the CPD log and the points they represent:

  • Volunteering in community –  eg Cancer Council , MNO, Kalparrin, Solaris Care.
  • Attend a Reiki Conference/ Gathering/Retreat – eg Annual Reiki Day, Teachers’ Gathering, Reiki Conference.
  • Undertake personal development activities with formal certification, which complement original qualification – eg Additional Reiki course/level, Senior First Aid & CPR qualification.
  • Re qualification (as above) – eg CPR re-qualification.
  • Undertake personal development activities without formal certification or assessment – eg Reiki Practice Days, Sharing groups.
  • Other meetings/activities that complement and increase skills (not daily practice) – eg Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Social media.
  • Publication of an article in Newsletter or RA(WA) website – eg Newsletter, Magazine publication.
  • Business Management Courseeg Book-keeping/accounting. Marketing your Reiki Business.
  • Case studies/reflective learning/workshops that stimulate research/reflection/changes in personal practice – eg Communication with clients and other health professionals. Understanding Client Confidentiality.
  • Committee & internal work for the Association – eg RA(WA) meetings, marketing/website development.
  • Self-directed distance learning projects using webcasts/ journals/books/ DVD/websites – eg www.usuireiki-ogm (Phyllis Furomoto / Paul Mitchell).
  • Subscriptions to Reiki-related sites – eg Australian Reiki Connection.
  • Participate through Reiki in charity events and causes that promote and profile Reiki and uphold integrity of the professioneg Kalparrin weekend, Cancer Council monthly healing sessions.
  • Participate in industry research – eg Research projects.