Standards of training

From 2011, these are the “Reiki Practitioners’ Council of WA’s”, required Teaching Standards. If you are going to learn Reiki you should ensure your training meets these requirements. No online training or one day courses accepted as approved training.

Reiki 1 Class

  • Extends over two days, but not to exceed four consecutive days
  • Includes four initiations / attunements
  • Outlines the history, lineage and precepts
  • Provides ample practice of self and others
  • Introduces the practitioners’ Code of Ethics and Code of Practice Teacher Training

Reiki 2 Class

  • Extends over one and a half days or not less than eight hours
  • Includes a minimum of one attunement / initiation
  • Teaches three symbols and their applications
  • Includes ample practice of applications
  • Is only offered after six months of practice and / or a minimum of logged thirty hours of Reiki treatments

Teacher training

  • To be at least a one year apprenticeship
  • Includes participation in many Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes
  • Based on a clear contract / agreement, which in part, precludes the new teacher from training another teacher for at least three years
  • Only offered after a minimum of three years of Reiki 2 practice